Blogger Spotlight: Sara from La Mode qui Vole

Meet Sara, a talented young blogger / student / photographer / fashionable lady.  Her blog La Mode qui Vole is a visual delight of photography, fashion and travel which is completely unterstated, unique and intriguing. It features her style and musings in the cities of New York and Singapore. I caught up with Sara to ask her a few quick questions about La Mode qui Vole.

What is La Mode qui Vole?
La mode qui Vole is French for "the fashion which flies" or "the fashion that flies" - however way you want to translate it!

What's the story behind the name?
I wish I had a better rationale for why I decided to make my blog name in French other than I liked the way it sounds. I just wanted a blog title that sounded kind of random and surreal.

How would you describe your style?
I'm not sure since it changes all the time. In general, I'm not really attracted to girly or preppy things - but that's not to say I won't be in the future!

What inspires you?
Anything can potentially inspire me whether it be a piece of artwork, a book, or someone I see on the street. In terms of fashion I get inspired more by what people wear on a day-to-day basis than what I see on the runway.

What would your ideal job be?
Definitely something in the creative industries!

Has bloggling influenced your style?
I haven't been blogging long enough to notice any changes in my style that are directly correlated to my blog. In terms of photography, I take only some of the photos on my blog. The ones of me are taken by my good friend Kathryn when I'm in New York, and by my boyfriend when I'm in Singapore. I really appreciate blogs that are aesthetically pleasing in terms of their layout and photography so I try and make sure I do the same with my blog.

What are your favourite things about New York and Singapore?
Singapore will always feel like home to me since I've lived there for two thirds of my life, so I really love the aspect of familiarity Singapore has for me. Despite my constant complaining about the heat I love that it has perfect beach weather all year round. Plus everything is so efficient and clean! New York, on the other hand, has a lot more character. My favourite thing about New York is that its never boring. Its such an amazing, exciting city - I love that you can wander outside and stumble upon something new every time. 

Which would you choose, Singapore or New York?
Although I love Singapore to bits, I'd have to choose New York.

What's next for you/your blog?
I'm not sure! But I think that's the best thing about blogging: its unpredictable.

What are your top five favourite things right now?
Probably top on my list in my new camera. I decided to splurge and get myself a DSLR - its second hand but it works perfectly! I guess the other four things on my favourites list are just various things I've bought or eaten recently.

Check out Sara's blog La Mode qui Vole x


Bloggers do it better: Secret Squirrel S11/12

I love this print by Secret Squirrel! I have been slightly obsessed with it after seeing a few different bloggers wearing variations of it (It comes as a skirt, top, and a dress in two styles). Recently Francesca from Opinion Slave posted this photo of herself in it. She looked so good I googled the collection and quickly came to the conclusion that the bloggers have done it better with this print. I can't stand the plastic model and subdued styling for the Botanica collection. To me, Francesca has completely outdone the look book version. What do you think?

Check out Francesca's look at Opinion Slave and the rest of the collection at Secret Squirrel x


Art Making for All of a Heap show

All pictures by Liv from entertainme.co.nz
Some pictures of the live art making All of a Heap show from last weekend. This event was so much fun! It taught/reminded me a couple of things about art making:
  • Art is best when its fun
  • Anyone can do it and better yet the potential for magic comes from letting go
  • Dark chocolate and popcorn make delicious smelling art but dog hair and seed art is more pungent and overwhelming
  • Collaborative art produces something neither of you could have dreamed up
  • So the magic is all in the restriction itself and using it to your advantage rather than trying to overcome it
Big thanks to Liv from Entertain Me for the pictures, and Artstation's Youth Art Committee for the event. This event is also part of Art Week Auckland.


Art for Saturday & Bjork for Sunday

Yesterday was spent making ridiculous/fantastic art at the Artstation Youth Art Committee's All of a Heap show. A bunch of art lovers got involved and helped the YAC crew celebrate the opening of their new exhibition space Side Way which faces Ponsonby Road. Each of us were given restrictions (i.e. two of us tied together, making art behind our backs or making art blindfolded) and encouraged to let go of our inner critic and embrace an experimental art making approach. The art was installed in the Side Way space later in the evening whilst we ate chocolate and rocky road cake and listened to some crazily talented young musicians. I'm hoping to get some pictures soon :)

Today I'm feeling bjork and sunshine in the process of beginning a couple of new projects.


Blogger Spotlight: Nicole from Untitled Daydream

Untitled Daydream is one of my favourite photography blogs and an awesome source of photographic inspiration. It features the work of student/photographer Nicole who uses light and shade to capture abstract images of nature. I recently interviewed Nicole to find out a bit more about her work and her blog. It was also a pretty good excuse to feature her beautiful pictures on avocado sundays! 

Images by Nicole - Untitled Daydream

What’s the story behind the name “untitled daydream”?
There are several reasons why I gave my blog the name "Untitled Daydream". First of all, I am horrible at thinking of titles, that's why I leave the majority of my work "untitled", I prefer to let the work to speak for itself. The "daydream" part came from my favorite album, Sonic Youth's "Daydream Nation" which inspired a lot of my early work.

What keeps you busy? 
When I'm not blogging I enjoy playing video games, reading books, cooking, playing the piano and recently I've taken up graphic design. I'm also a senior in high school so I also spend time doing unnecessary things like studying and homework. In addition, I'm a member of my school's yearbook staff so I spend a lot of time taking photos at school events. I joined mostly so that I could further my skills with taking natural, unposed photos of people. Later this year, once I finally feel ready, I'd like to start taking photos of people for my own personal work. Right now it would feel too forced, I'm waiting for the right moment.

What do you like to photograph?
I've always been drawn to nature. That is what I mainly focused on when I first started out and as I progressed I began to introduce more abstract elements into my photos. So now I consider my work to be a fusion of nature and abstract photography.

What inspires you?
I'm not inspired by anything particular thing at the moment but overall I usually draw inspiration from my surroundings, things that I encounter in an average day. Whether it's the lighting around a certain time of day or an interestingly shaped weed in my backyard, I always tend to focus on little details that people will commonly overlook.

How has blogging influenced your work?
Blogging has allowed me to reflect back on my past work by looking at my older entries which gives me insight on the thoughts that I had on older photos that I have taken. This really helps me out when I'm trying to think of new ideas. It has also introduced me to some very interesting people!

What are your top five favourite things right now?
Hazelnut cappuccino, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, clutch purses, disposable cameras and the satisfaction of taking a good photo.

Check out Nicole's blog Untitled Daydream x


Celine Rita SS11/12

Young New Zealand label Celine Rita's SS 11/12 collection Boulevard Baby made for the cute and girly. These are my favourite looks from the collection...

 Check it out: Facebook or Website x


Willowships - Under debut video

If you, like me, haven't had enough of Chelsea Jade & Watercolours here are some stills from the Under music video. Seriously recommend checking it out here. It's directed by Reuben Stephens & Chelsea Jade and features clothing from Madame Hawke, Ruby, Sherie Muijus, and Juliette Hogan. Can't really get much better in my opinion x Live version two posts down...or here :)


Art & Music @ The Basement

I have searched for a phrase to put beside your name
but I have not found it
maybe there is not that phrase
so let us leave it at - 

-Young Men in Love by Michael Arlen

BMD Photo Credit Cleo Barnett
Tanya Jayde Photo Credit Cleo Barnett
Photo credit Cleo Barnett
Spent Wednesday night at The Dirty 13 opening in the Basement Theatre. It was curated by the lovely Cleo Barnett and featured NZ street artists as a collaborative show which brings the outside in and celebrates an art form which rarely gets the praise it deserves. The art was so inspiring I think I'll have to go back and see it again...a few times!

The show was accompanied by spoken word poet Tourettes who blew my mind a wee bit with humour, intensity, thought provoking messages, and an impressive knack for stringing words together. Matthew Crawley opened for Tourettes with a freakishly nice voice and mellowing love songs with a pinch of politics. So good.

And to top things off we got to take hand selected books from the BMD piece (in the first pic). And that's where 'TO MAX' has come from. I urge you to check out some more pictures and a much more informed account of the event here