Art Making for All of a Heap show

All pictures by Liv from entertainme.co.nz
Some pictures of the live art making All of a Heap show from last weekend. This event was so much fun! It taught/reminded me a couple of things about art making:
  • Art is best when its fun
  • Anyone can do it and better yet the potential for magic comes from letting go
  • Dark chocolate and popcorn make delicious smelling art but dog hair and seed art is more pungent and overwhelming
  • Collaborative art produces something neither of you could have dreamed up
  • So the magic is all in the restriction itself and using it to your advantage rather than trying to overcome it
Big thanks to Liv from Entertain Me for the pictures, and Artstation's Youth Art Committee for the event. This event is also part of Art Week Auckland.


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  3. hey girly:) thanks you for the tip! coincedentally, I have been organizing a mini fashion show for a month now. It's in about two weeks:)!! Such a coincedence you said that.

  4. This does look so fun! Love your tips too :D

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  5. That must have been a really good art expo!

    Art is best when its fun! totally agree on that one. I thnik that´s was one of the reasons i started my blog, without even considering if poeple would careabout all my doodles and drawings! hahahah