The best blonde

I saw the makeover episode of Australia's Next Top Model yesterday and now I'm itching to have Simone's hair! I adore the white blonde colour. It reminds me of the makeover New Zealand model Gina Morrissey had recently. Not quite the same colour, and two very different looking girls, but for both I think it gives a softness and an edge to their look.
Simone from Australia's Next Top Model 2011

Gina Morrissey from Red 11 - Photo by Hayley Bayliff
p.s. I find ANTM not quite as painful as NZNTM to watch...although the Aussie host Sarah is far too sweet for tv! Seriously, she's like Miss Honey from Matilda!


  1. oh she looks like a beautiful sea creature!


  2. The second photo is surreal ! I follow nzntm and ausntm when I can. I have a softspot for anything from new zealand! The people, place and general creative vibe that comes out of there is so magical. Thanks for your comment and we'll be following you to keep in the loop! Much love from pl0y.com