Flaxen bag + Print. feature

A couple of days ago I won this awesome Gorilla bag by Flaxen NZ through a competition with the young NZ magazine Print.
Words & Images by Marie-Claire
 To say thanks I wrote a piece for Print which they featured on their blog! It's below...
Hi print. readers! I'm Marie-Claire, a 5 ft 3" soon to be graduate with a mass of ideas and a love of print. magazine. This morning I received this crazily cool Flaxen bag in the mail courtesy of print. so this is a huge big thank you post! While I was thinking of what to write for this post I read about Nicole and Jack's story; their drive, determination, and the setbacks involved with trying to make their dream a reality (in the form of a magazine). This got me thinking about the things that hold us back in life, which I'm attempting to lump into a basket called "practicalities".

While chatting with my best friend a few weeks ago about our inability to manage our time the way we want, we drew a diagram to try and solve the problem. It turned out to be one large circle labelled “what I want to do” squished by another large circle on top labelled “what I have to do”. I feel that the practicalities of life take up too much time and limit our ability to do what we really want. So for many of us we only truly live through little treasures, such as lovely magazines and gorgeous gifts.

This is why I find print. mag and Flaxen so inspirational. Somehow the creators behind both of these treasures seem to have held on to their hope and re-organised their life diagrams to fit in doing what they want. For those of us who haven’t made the leap of faith yet I say embrace the cheeky treasures of life and use them to inspire us to also move forward. If there’s something you are dreaming of doing start today, or at least plan to start it soon.

And if your idea ever seems silly or impractical remember this Flaxen bag in all its wild nature and remember that someone will always love it.

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  1. I love this bag; I'm so jealous. Great site :)


  2. THIS BAG IS AWESOME! i am so in love! lucky girl :)