Ruby AW12

News just landed that this AW12 collection from RUBY will be released for sale on the 27th of January in NZ so I thought I'd share a collection of my favourite looks. Some of these pieces were shown at last year's NZ Fashion Week and seemed to be extremely popular amongst the media and the public. I personally think this is one of RUBY's best collections to date and will be interested to see these garments fly off racks in a week or so. Check out the full lookbook here.

I also visited RUBY's Pop Up store today which has some incredible discounts on samples and seconds. Check that out too!

Photographic Inspiration: Annette Pehrsson

I've always been a big fan of talented young photographer Annette Pehrsson. For Christmas I got an analogue camera so I'm currently experimenting with film for a little project I have coming up. I guess I turn to Pehrsson's blog as a reminder of what film can produce. It's sort of calming and inspiring at the same time. Check her out.


Summer Reading

Here in NZ the weather has been such a pain with rain and more rain and then just when we get sunshine we also get a sun shower. So... I thought I'd share my favourite (so far) publications (possibly) ever. These are the things I have read and re-read many times and often go back to for reading comfort and inspiration. Perfect for a less than summery summer. 

1. Spaces by frankie magazine - a visual delight and interesting reads about Australian creatives and their home/work/eating spaces
2. The Selby Is in Your Place by Todd Selby - the original 'creatives in their homes' publication by creative genius Todd Selby
3. The Tram conductor's Blue Cap (Poetry) by Michael Harlow - Clever and sometimes charming poetry - not too heavy for a poetry newby
4. I'll Take You There by Joyce Carol Oates - A difficult and complex novel which I'm determined to re-read until I fully understand it - it's quite sweet at times too



A mixture of my favourite pieces from TomTom and Luv AJ's latest collections which fuse heavy raw metal with tribal, edgy styling. If I had to chose I'd go for the bracelets (5 & 6) because 'statement' necklaces and two finger rings have held the spotlight for too long! Check them out ... 1, 3 & 7 Luv AJ // 2, 4, 5 & 6 TomTom.