Summer Reading

Here in NZ the weather has been such a pain with rain and more rain and then just when we get sunshine we also get a sun shower. So... I thought I'd share my favourite (so far) publications (possibly) ever. These are the things I have read and re-read many times and often go back to for reading comfort and inspiration. Perfect for a less than summery summer. 

1. Spaces by frankie magazine - a visual delight and interesting reads about Australian creatives and their home/work/eating spaces
2. The Selby Is in Your Place by Todd Selby - the original 'creatives in their homes' publication by creative genius Todd Selby
3. The Tram conductor's Blue Cap (Poetry) by Michael Harlow - Clever and sometimes charming poetry - not too heavy for a poetry newby
4. I'll Take You There by Joyce Carol Oates - A difficult and complex novel which I'm determined to re-read until I fully understand it - it's quite sweet at times too


  1. i LOVE books, i really want the selby one :D
    love this post, i may do a post like it too soon!

  2. oh i love your taste in books, have been wanting to get the selby one for ages... there is something about seeing other peoples living and workspaces that is so inspiring! Thank you for this post, you've inspired me! :)

  3. Sounds like your weather has been similar to ours!
    Love those books, I've been on the hunt for a good poetry book and I think I've found it, thanks to you of course :)