Ruby AW12

Some of my favourite looks from the new RUBYboutique AW12 Capsule collection released in stores & online yeseterday. I love how their clothes are awesome looking but so wearable too. I think I'm one of many with Ruby fever today. But I also have a touch of Q Theatre fever which helped me win a little contest of theirs by explaining Q in three words "creative theatrical explosion" :D

What I learnt today:
  •  While it is easy to fob off stalkerish foreign men in the evening, it is much more difficult to do at 10am
  • Chocolate pancakes from No.1 pancake (aka Korean pancake) are good any time of the day
  • Auckland's humidity is back
  • The best ideas are those shared and gossiped about
2 day countdown till mid semester break! x



                                                               Photographs by Guy Coombes, but have been nicked from Cleo Barnett

Fashion week is on! Above are some photos from the Twenty Seven Names exhibition in Newton yesterday.  And here are some links to the latest news/info/stunning pictures:

Cleo Barnett's Blog
NZ Fashion Week Tumblr
Fashion Distraction Blog

Keep a close eye on Cleo's blog for pics of this morning's RUBYboutique show!


Q Theatre - The new kid on the block

Slideshow v2 (24MB) MP4 from Q theatre on Vimeo.

Q, Auckland from Q theatre on Vimeo.

Yesterday I went to Q Theatre's Open Day and got a tour from the Big Cheese through the rehearsal space, storage rooms, theatre spaces (plural!), green rooms, bar, and cafe. I have been so excited about the opening of this new performance space and it is definitely worth the wait. The architecture (by Cheshire architects) is stunning and I'm not sure that any of the photos/videos do it justice so I urge you to check it out. There is far too much architecture/design speak I could ramble on and rave about.

They also have the most amazing chocolate cake with a berry/cream filling. And better yet they were so eager to please on their open day that when one of the waitors cut a "messy piece" (manager's words not mine) they gave us two instead! The cafe is open at normal cafe hours and is a couple of steps up from Uni so I'm sure I'm about to start a new bad habit. Currently looking at the upcoming shows to book my next theatre visit.

Q - Queen Street, Auckland x 

crazy creepy beautfiul #2


Ooo yea. Actual snake vertebrae and a deer tooth. Jewellery by Gather. If you want a piece of this or the Lillian Crowe jewellery LaDama stocks pieces from both collections!

Only one week till mid semester break, and then I'm on the fast track to a graduation gown! Would it be inappropriate to rock snake vertebrae and brass spines at graduation? ...


crazy creepy beautiful



I have always loved this collection of necklaces from Lillian Crowe. They have so much detail and it's pretty cool that each piece comes in a few different colours/materials.

Excuse me and my slight jewellery obsession.

p.s. more creepy jewellery to come!


a sky series

This is just a small photographic series taken of the sky from my house. The lighting, colours etc are all natural and haven't been enhanced. The only editing is the addition of the borders and text :)


necklace heaven







This morning I'm procrastinating with yet another assignment (or two) and waiting patiently for another birthday present to come in the mail. Down here in little NZ online international shopping is booming due to the falling American and UK dollar. It will sting us too in the end but right now we are blissfully reaping the benefits.Need Supply Co. are selling some amazing jewellery under 100bucks. Lots of them are priced around 30 which makes things even better. If only the NZ dollar was so high that I could email Need Supply Co. and order the whole lot of these. A girl can dream.

funkis zanita clogs

Funkis have done it again, a new take on the new take clog! I swear they are one of the only places I've seen that have managed to re-design the clog into something modern and...dare I say it...funky. I adore the styling for the white clogs with the black base. This makes me hopeful for a bold yet comfortable spring/summer to come.


ruby spring 2011

Love the subtlety, mix of colours & patterns, and comfort of Ruby Boutique's Spring 2011 range. I somehow think designs like these totally speak to a kiwi girl's aesthetic. Fashion is paramount but comfort is the key to an effortless outfit.