Raw crystal jewellery

So...I got my friend one of these rings for her birthday last weekend. I'm not really a fan of classic jewellery because I feel like you pay heaps for it and it still looks the same as everything else. But in NZ its hard to find stuff that is affordable as well as f**kn awesome so I feel compelled to share my find.

Did i mention they are appropriately called "metaphysical magic"? Check it out tinyspace.


  1. beautiful rings!!!!!! <3 LOVE

  2. Thanks so much for mentioning this on my blog! Ive been hunting for jewellery like this for ages (Which im sure you can tell from all my inspiration pics!)..even the crystal necklaces ive been hunting for. Which are easy enough to find but so bloody expensive..these are much more my price range!

    Following you my dear x

  3. hey alice sounds like we had the same idea! happy to help xo