melbourne pit stops

I was in Melbourne not long ago...it was so awesome. I loved the bigger city and am itching to go back so I've been looking over some photos from our visit and thought I'd share two very memorable pit stops.

The first was in Melbourne central mall (which is enormous, clean and very flash compared to NZ standards) where my sister and I used a 2 for one voucher at a place called pancake palace/pancake parlour...can't remember. I'm pretty sure its an aussie franchise and probably the norm for them but we don't really have anything like this in NZ so we had to check it out. I got vanilla and my sister got chocolate. Both were amazing but we couldn't get near finishing them and I have to warn you they are sooooo rich. Seriously. The manager gave us easter eggs on our way out, which totally flicked the switch and I don't think I've ever felt that ill from food in my entire life. You have been warned.

The next pit stop was in Brunswick, an area I could spend forever in. We stopped for coffee & chocolate at a "chocolateria" (perhaps another chain in oz?) where we got spanish mochas and fruit chocolates. I am so pleased to say that this place was delicious and didn't leave me feeling ill. Strangely their spanish mocha is like liquid chocolate (i swear - just melted) but I felt a million times better after having this compared to those pancakes. Odd. Definitely set us up for more vintage, jewellery, art and homewares shopping!

 *Different day I swear.


  1. i love this place!! mmm churros ;) xx


  2. Heyyyy! If you ever go to Melbourne you must go to Westfields Shopping Centre in Doncaster, my favourite! If not, go to Chadstone Shopping centre, its the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere!!

  3. Hi, thanks heaps for the advice! I'm hoping to go back in a few months so will try to check those places out :)