Someone else's self portrait

So yes I'm re blogging from a site called always sometime anytime which featured one of my favourite photographic self portraits by Chelsea Jade Metcalfe. I've included my favourite shots, which take turns featuring on my desktop background. I think she has totally captured that sort of dithery self-reflection state where you are somehow compelled to be a bit weird in order to relax. It's as though you can't truly let go and really reflect unless you let go of the normalcy of everyday life. So instead of sitting on the couch you feel the urge to lie half way down with a pillow over your face and your feet hanging over the armrest.

But this is how Chelsea explained it:

Hide to Seek: Understanding Your Environment
The restless nature of self-actualisation through assimilation
(find yourself in the furniture)

The pictures also featured clothing from Madmae Hawke for good measure.

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