Sunday bests

 I'm a little obsessed with this Joon & Jung Pillow Blanket. I hope to own it one day when I live in my loft apartment with 3/4 walls, huge windows and cold floors. It would be perfect for Sunday afternoon naps in the sun :)

And here's a tune for Sunday too. I've never heard of Miami Horror before and don't particularly like their other songs but this one is nice for Sunday :) I sense a bit of m83 influence creeping into it as well which makes it ten billion times better than their other tunes. I love Sundays :)


  1. OMG I want/need a pillow blanket. Looks like magic!



  2. The pillow blanket is awesome! I bet you could make one fairly easily just by buying [or making] pillows and then sewing them together.

  3. that looks so comfy. i'm ready for a nap now!


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