Auckland Art & Craft Fair 2011

Last Saturday I helped out with the Auckland Art & Craft Fair run by the lovely Kylie & Jess. I had so much fun doing things that barely felt like work (i.e. giving out "I support Handmade" stickers and wrapping gifts) and shopping for little Christmas/Birthday gifts too. The stalls at the fair were pretty amazing, with really unique designs and crafts at super cheap prices. So many people seemed to walk out with at least one arm full of gifts and many seemed to be employing the 'one for them, one for me' policy when it came to the jewellery. The things I bought are either wrapped or have already been given to friends which makes for a not so special photograph but I do want to urge you to check out Jess' online shop Foxes where she sells a collection of her own handmade goodies as well as bits and pieces from a range of AACF artists.  


  1. love it!!!


  2. Aw thanks!! :) Sad you couldnt stop for a visit! I know what you mean tho... I didnt even have time to leave my table for a wander around or shopping! super sad. Even the gift wrap table had the longest line petty much all day! Kinda great tho if you ask me. :) hope you had a fun time...hope to chat soon xkim