AUT Raw: Graphic Design Exhibition

So roughly two weeks ago AUT opened up for the RAW show which featured the work of art, design and fashion students. The talent in the exhibition blew me away a little bit. There were so many clever designs and interesting new ideas which were very inspiring to a non-graphic-designer. I collected a bag full of business cards, postcards and publications (only some of which is shown in this post..) and thought I'd share some of my favourites. Here's a little info about some of them:
  • Briar Mark's work comments on handcraft versus graphic design and the processes of each
  • Jane Park produced a book that explores mourning and loss. It has submissions about these experiences from anonymous contributors and their identity is signified by (the perfect metaphor for life & death) a lock of their hair
  • Rochelle Vranjes created 6 rules to produce happy design by identifying elements of visual communication that evoke happiness in the viewer
  • Tamsin Jane created a typeface using negative space and produced posters & wallpaper using her design
  • Ashleigh Lara Hill explored the intricacy of a moment and produced a short film documenting specific moments and the details in them that we usually overlook
As you can tell I am as much impressed by the design as I am by the ideas that influenced them. So proud of my friends that exhibited - they are all ones to watch!


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